November 21, 2011

Inventory Management with a Candle Business Online

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When managing inventory for a candle business, there are a few factors you need to consider.  These factors include how long it takes you to get more of the product, how fast the candles are selling, and the history of the sales.  Paying attention to your inventory can help you be more successful with an online candle store.

The length of time it takes you to get ahold of a specific candle can be a big factor when you need to restock the shelves.  If you only have a small handful left of a candle that sells on a daily basis, you could be in trouble if it takes a few weeks to get more.  If you make your own candles, you must estimate the time it will take you to make what you need.  You also need to know which candles to make first, how many to make, and remain on top of the orders.  In order to be a successful online candle business, you cannot run out of a product and make customers wait.  Never take orders and send an email telling the customers their order is backordered until a specific date either.  It is easy to lose customers online and they will not return.

You always must keep track on how fast the candles are selling.  You might have a specific type of candle that sells one a month and one that you just cannot keep stocked enough.  Knowing which candles are selling the most allows you to maintain a good inventory.  There is no reason to hold onto products that don’t sell or continue to buy and stock them either.  You also must be prepared for spikes in sales for candles that become popular for a period of time.  As an immigrant reads in immigration news now is the time to fill out a citizenship application.  The applications fly off of the shelves.  As certain candles become popular through the news or trends, you must be prepared with your inventory also.  If you do not pay attention to the trends, people will have to shop at a different online store because you don’t have the product.

The history of your candle sales commonly will repeat themselves.  Some people buy others the exact same gift every year for special occasions like Christmas or their birthday.  You might notice specific candles being a hot item during Valentine’s Day or another holiday.  If your sales show a spike during Christmas every year of a particular set of candles, make sure you are ready for the sales this year.  Don’t overstock, but be prepared for enough sales.

There are many things you need to do to control a good inventory of your candle business.  Keeping proper inventory can help you be successful by having the ability to fulfill orders on a timely basis.  Always ensure you pay attention to the sales of your products, notice trends, and the length of time it takes you to shelf each product and get it out the door.

August 11, 2011

Selling Candles Online

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If you are selling candles online, there are many things you need to do to ensure that you perform the right marketing techniques.  These things include targeting the right customers with the right advertisements, providing excellent customer service, and backing your product.

Targeting the right customers is one area many businesses often miss the boat on a regular basis.  It is the reason companies fail and they don’t even realize it.  Having the ability to identify the right audience for your products will help you be most successful in a high volume of sales.  Votivo candles can be priced from low to high, be of high or low quality, and in different styles.  The types of candles you choose to sell are up to you.  However, the styles you choose to sell and the prices much match the audience.  If you are selling candles that are hip and for a younger audience, pricing them too high is not going to get you many sales because a younger shopper doesn’t have much money.  You must strategically sell items and price them based entirely on the shopper you are trying to target.  If you are targeting a wealthier crowd, then pricing your products too low may send a signal that your products are of poor quality also.

Customer service is another factor that can cause a business to fail quickly.  If a shopper buys edge protectors and the cardboard edge protectors were damaged due to the lack of custom packaging solutions, your customer service team should be responsive and care.  The customer needs to have a personal experience when shopping online.  This can be difficult to do.  However, when a customer calls your business or sends an email with a question, the quicker you are to respond to their needs, the happier they will be.  In addition, it is rare a company provides good customer service and if you do, people will come back to buy from you again.

Backing your product means offering a guarantee to the customers.  If you send candles to someone and the wick is broken or the candle is damaged, they need to be able to send it back for a replacement.  If the customers are not happy with the products or they just don’t like them when they receive them and see the candles in person, you need to offer the ability to ship them back for a refund or a trade.  When customers know they are shopping with an online store that is flexible and backs their products, they feel safe and secure shopping with that retail store.  They will come back and use your business again.

When selling candles or any product online it is important to focus on the customer factors to ensure they are happy with the way your business operates.  This will ensure they come back to see you and only want to buy candles from you.  Always be sure you target the proper customer base, provide good customer service, and back your product.

May 17, 2011

Giving the Gift of Light

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One thing that people love to have and yet often never buy is candles. They somehow manage to make it to the bottom of the shopping list with other non-essential items like fingernail clippers. They are something that you always mean to pick up and yet when you are actually at the store you forget about them. It is not an item that people go out specifically on a shopping trip simply to purchase them so when a need arises at home where we need a candle we usually dig through the drawers or closet shelves and find whatever is left. So everyone will really appreciate getting one as a gift.

People that are good candidates for receiving a candle as a gift would be folks trying to become legal residents of this country. They are often too busy studying the US Immigration eBooks or looking at the online immigration forms for their US Visas to actually take time off to get a candle for themselves. And yet they are the ones that can benefit from the relaxation that a candle offers the most.

Think about it, you could literally handle all of your gift selection buying at the store in the candle section and not have to worry. It is a gift that you can be fairly sure that no one else is going to give them and there is little to no chance that they will buy for themselves and yet they will think of you every time that they use it. It is also a very inexpensive gift so it is quite possibly the perfect thing to buy for someone.

It doesn’t matter if they are a housewife or a resident alien looking to get a US Visa or whether they are taking online college courses or merely looking at online immigration forms. People are going to appreciate the thought that went in to getting them the candle. They can read over a political blog or a US Immigration eBook and they will be reminded how much you care each and every time that they look at the candle.

Giving the gift of a candle really shows that you cared enough to go an extra measure and to not buy the same exact gift that everyone else is buying simply because it was easier or required less thought. These folks will know that you specifically thought of them when they look at the candle because each one can be so individualistic that it can show the real thought put into the gift.

So it does not matter if your friends have their US Visas or if they are studying the US Immigration eBooks so that they can fill out the online immigration forms. They are going to know that you took enough time out of your day to get them a unique gift. They don’t have to know that you actually did it at the store the same time that you purchased one for everyone on your list. That can be your little secret.

January 24, 2011

Candle Gifts – Something A Little Different

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If you are looking for a unique gift, especially for someone who is hard to buy for, candles might deserve more than passing consideration.  Buying a special gift for mom or a sweetheart for sweetheart’s day can be more than a box of chocolates when shopping for candle gifts.

For instance the new mother who spends almost all her day changing those cute baby clothes on the newborn, packing up the designer diaper bags with spare changes of baby clothes and diapers just for a trip to the grocery store may find that candle gifts are like a mini-vacation on that special day.

Fill a tub with warm water and her favorite bath oil, select an assortment of scented candles in her favorite fragrances, and instead spend a romantic evening for two in and out of the tub. Of course, babysitters are required in addition to the candle gifts. This mini-vacation can work for almost any gift giving occasion for that special someone and the memory will be sweeter than an entire box of chocolates. This romantic evening can be a break from the adored newborn and the chore of washing cute baby clothes or fitting just one more change of baby clothes into their overstuffed designer diaper bags.

Candle gifts need not be romantic in nature. Candle gifts for mom, a treasured aunt or teacher can be memorable and treasured. Scented candles are meant to be burned and yet some can be so beautiful that lighting them may be the last thing on the recipient’s mind. The elderly aunt who loves the sea shore but can no longer travel may enjoy a gel candle gift with layered sand and shells or even starfish suspended in it. These gorgeous candles can be purchased with scents and are as beautiful burning as they are on the shelf in a place of honor.

When considering candle gifts take into account the favored colors and scents of the recipient as well as their activities. Candles are no longer long sticks in a single color with no smell; instead they come in a vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit any taste or interest.

Candle gifts for aromatherapy may be for practical use but they can be beautiful as well. Assure yourself that the candle comes in a jar or that you order a candle holder to make the gift instantly useable. Choosing a candle holder for the traditional stick candle is a must but choosing a candle gift with its own beautiful designer jar may be the easiest and most memorable choice.

Shopping online gives greater selection for the shopper since almost any scent size and shape of candle can be found online. In addition, delivery can often be arranged right to the recipient’s home in cases where the candle gift might be going to another town or even country. Ordering the candle gift and having it shipped right to the person receiving the gift has an additional benefit in that manufacturers of candles are experienced in shipping these delicate items. A candle gift shipped directly from the maker will be well cushioned so they arrive unharmed and ready to charm and delight the gift’s recipient.

January 9, 2011

Themed Candles Make Hot Candle Gifts

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Anytime you give a gift you usually try and choose one that is memorable and very probably affordable. For most of us finding the right gift can be just as complicated as filling out US immigration forms for a green card replacement, or requesting a green card can be to an immigrant. Sure, you have been giving gifts all your life probably and that is part of what makes it hardest, after a while affordable ideas are at a premium.

Just supposing you can’t put a new Mercedes in the driveway (a memorable but hardly affordable gift) then you may want to look at some hot candle gifts which may help solve the perfect gift dilemma for another year. Themed candles can be super hot gifts and reflect the time of year, the personal interests of the recipient or make the perfect gift for you from you!

Let’s look at some of the hot and very unusual candle gift ideas that may well make this gift one the recipient will remember for years to come. Although you can suit the themed candle to the occasion or sometimes to the time of year, it is just as easy to find a hot candle gift that suits the recipient’s favorite hobby or their personal passion.  The ideal gift reflects not only the recipient but the gift giver.

Does this special person destined to receive the candle love coffee? If so, this coffee lover might be delighted to receive a mocha scented candle in a shape of a cup of java. Not only will the personalized scent appeal but that cup of brew sitting on their office desk may make them smile every time they see it.

If your favorite Aunt spends every moment she can on the beach then giving a hot themed beach candle gift is easy. Choose a candle shaped like a starfish, choose a gel candle with beautiful shells suspended in its crystal clear wax.  Maybe a delightful scented candle shaped to resemble a fish would be more to her tastes and yours. Remember when giving candle gifts they don’t necessarily have to reflect your own passions if they reflect those of the person receiving the candle gift.

Perhaps a simple box of regular or scented taper candles is hardly inspiring, however if you add an unusual and themed candle holder to the box you have a very memorable candle gift for any candle fan.

The only real problem it would seem to giving a hot candle gift is that there are so many themes to choose from that decisions may be difficult particularly if the recipient has a lot of hobbies. Candle gifts can be ideal for holidays, birthdays or just because you remembered that person. A statue of liberty candle could be the ideal gift for friend who just received their US immigration for their green card or received their lost green card replacement.  A dollar bill candle might be great for the new business owner or for the graduate, the potential is limitless.

December 7, 2008

Types of Christmas Candles

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Christmas candles are perfect for gifts this year or to decorate your home for the holidays. You should think about the types of candles you are going to decorate with or give to a friend or family member this year. The many different types include aromatherapy candles, pillars, votives, drips and more.

One of the best gifts to give this year underneath the artificial Christmas trees is the drip candles. You also might want to include a bottle along with the drip candles. The drip candles drip the wax down the sides of the candle and the bottle and create an amazing masterpiece you won’t want to throw away. They all have many different colors so the colors look fantastic after using for some time. People love these as gifts and they always turn into a fabulous conversation piece.

Aromatherapy candles are excellent solutions to a gift because many people are often stressed during the holidays. You want to find a way to relieve stress and these candles are the best solution. When you buy these as gifts you might consider buying a few too. You can light a few aromatherapy candles and sit and watch the lights on the Christmas trees or the lighted palm trees. This is an excellent way to relax and enjoy you. If you are having a dinner party this holiday you should consider lighting them throughout your house so your guests are relaxed and not stressed from the season.

If you are decorating your home this holiday you might consider using the pillar candles. Pillar candles are wonderful for decorating the house and they put off an excellent light. People love to receive these as gifts. Pillars are often extremely expensive and they are the cheapest during the holiday season. You might even consider stocking up on these candles during the holidays so you have enough to last you throughout the years.

Votives are very popular candles also. Votivo candles are popular for gifting also. There are many different types of lanterns you can buy or candle holders these are perfect for. They emit the light in an amazing way. Votives also come in about every color you can think of. These candles are the smaller candles like miniature pillars. They fit in small places and they look great. Candlesticks are excellent choices for decorating because they look very classy on the dining room table. People love these as gifts and they will definitely be used. In most cases, they are always saved for a special occasion.

When you decorate this holiday season or buy gifts this year you need to think about using candles. Candles come in many different types. The drip candles are the best gifts along with the pillars, sticks, and votives. You can decorate your home in many creative ways when you use candles. Candles provide a calming sense from the aroma and by meditation techniques as you watch the flames dance around. They are excellent for aromatherapy techniques and calming down your guests.

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November 21, 2008

Considerations When Buying Candles for Christmas

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When you consider buying candles for the holidays as gifts you should think about a few things. They are definitely the perfect gift for some people but not everyone. When you buy candles you need to think about the type of candle, aroma, and more.

Everyone loves candles. They are excellent gifts to place underneath the artificial Christmas trees. People love to open candles as gifts and you can be sure they will not go used. If someone loves their candle gift enough they will light it right when they open the gift. This is very common.

Before you buy candles to place underneath the artificial Christmas trees you need to think about the person you are buying for. Candles might be something that you love but does the receiver like candles? If the person you are buying for has asthma or a respiratory problem they might not be able to enjoy them as you can. This is because the smoke from when you blow out the flame can be too much to handle.

You can purchase candles for people who have respiratory problems but you need to be sure that you purchase natural candles made with natural materials. Many candles are made with a metal wick that put off toxic fumes that can make you sick, especially someone with asthma. When you purchase a soy candle or a natural candle they can enjoy it. They will be excited to enjoy gifts like this underneath the prelit Christmas trees.

Another thing to consider is the aroma of the candle. When you buy a candle then you need to consider what the person you are buying for likes. If they cannot stand the smell of pumpkin pie and you get them a pumpkin scented candle then you did bad. You should only buy what you know because a scent that someone absolutely doesn’t like can make it a poor gift. This gift won’t ever get used by the recipient but may be gifted to someone else after the holidays.

There are also many different types of candles that you can purchase for your friend or family member. You can purchase pillars which are decorative and look fabulous on the mantel. You might consider a pair of sticks for the dining room table and even votives which look fabulous also. If you are purchasing candles for aromatherapy benefits one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to look for candles that are made with essential oils and not fragrant oils. This way you can benefit from the scents much better.

When you are buying gifts this year for Christmas there are many things to think about if the gifts are candles. You should think about the aroma, the person you are buying for and the types of candles. The last thing you want to do is gift candles to a person that doesn’t like them or who won’t benefit from them. Be sure they like candles before you wrap them as a gift.

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August 20, 2008

Things to Consider with Aromatherapy and Meditation

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Aromatherapy is one of the most popular used methods for meditation techniques today. You might consider a few things when you use these techniques. You should consider the different oils you will use, the methods, and more.

There are many ways you can use aromatherapy. The three most popular methods are through the use of incense, oils, and aromatherapy diffusers. You can have the same benefits for each of these techniques. It is important to choose the method that is right for your body and what works best for you.

When you want to use aromas and scents for meditation be sure the scent you chose if for this purpose. Be sure you are in a comfortable position. Light incense and watch the smoke trails create different patterns. If you are stressed about certain things like getting your Green Card and USCIS is giving you a hard time with the process, ignore these thoughts. You should keep your focus on the smoke trails and the present moment. Enjoy the display.

Some people like to use oils through diffusers. These are the best method if you have any respiratory issues or problems with your lungs. You don’t want to inhale smoke and other things when you have lung problems because it can make the issues worse. Oils do not put smoke into the air but provide a good aroma that will help calm you.

The best scents you want to consider when you are using aromatherapy for relaxation and meditation techniques are lavender, sage, and peppermint. Lavender is known for the calming properties. Sage is known for cleansing. Peppermint helps create mental focus. However, there are many more scents to choose from that have specific benefits. You should choose the scent that is right for you to target the specific goal you have.

Oils can be used in many ways also. You might consider using oils to rub on your body so you can benefit from the scent throughout the day. They can also be used in a bath to soak in. This is a very common method of using aromatherapy and it works very well. Certain lotions include aromatherapy oils too. You can use diffusers for aromatherapy methods which provide the same benefits.

There are many different aromatherapy recipes you might want to consider. Some oils are meant to mix with others and not meant to be used alone. When you purchase oils for aromatherapy methods you should consider the right mixes and the portions of oil you will use.

Meditation provides for a positive effect on the body. There are many different reasons people use meditation like for calming, relaxing, soothing anxiety, relieving stress, and more. When you use aromatherapy with mediation it only makes the experience even better. Be sure you choose the right scent to achieve what you want to. You should also consider the right method of therapy you prefer and what is best for your body. Oils, diffusers, and incense are the most common methods people use today.

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February 29, 2008

Wrapping Candle Gifts

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Candle gifts are much appreciated by just about anyone. Women, men, and people of all ages adore getting candle gifts for just about every special location. No other gift can be enjoyed extensively and can provide the light, scent, color, and warmth quite the way a candle can. Unfortunately, when giving candles as gifts, you will eventually run into the problem of wrapping your gifts. While candles great gifts, they can present challenges in wrapping. If you give a lot of candles, eventually you may be looking for some innovative or creative ways to wrap your presents. Here are some ideas:

1) Place your candles in a basket along with some other themed presents. For example, if you’re sending a get well gift, add a few packets of instant chicken noodle soup and a pretty mug alongside some citrus scented candles that are sure to be appreciated. Once you’ve done this, you can either cover the basket with pretty wrapping foil and tie it with a ribbon, or you can simply present the basket itself.

2) Add a ribbon. Many high-quality candles come with such beautiful packaging already, that you only need a pretty ribbon in a contrasting color. Art supply stores are a great place to buy ribbons, which are often discounted in January and in the early months of the new year. Buy ribbons in bulk, and you’ll always have the perfect color to choose when you’re wrapping a gift.

3) Try fabric. Pretty swatches of fabric can be found at most fabric stores for only a few dollars. Remaindered fabrics can just cost a few dollars and can wrap dozens of gifts. Fabric has the advantage of being soft and pliable, unlike wrapping paper. This makes it easier to wrap around awkwardly shaped gifts such as candles. For example, if you’re trying to wrap a pillar candle, you can place the candle in the middle of a large square of pretty fabric. Gather the fabric loosely over the candle, leaving soft draping folds. Tie the fabric at the top of the candle or use a pretty ribbon to tie the bundle up.

4) Use Bristol board. Bristol board is much stiffer than wrapping paper, and this can make it actually easier to wrap awkwardly shaped gifts. For example, to wrap a pillar candle, use Bristol board to make cardboard cylinder around the candle. Secure with tape. Using another piece of cardboard or Bristol board, create a small cone. Attach the cone to the top of the candle. This creates an unusually shaped gift that will make it hard for your recipients to guess what the present actually is.

5) Use wrapping paper. Of course, if you are adept at using wrapping paper there’s no reason why you cannot use the wide variety of wrapping papers available today to wrap your candle in. Often, this is easier to do if your candles are already prepackaged in cardboard boxes.

6) Use cardboard boxes. You can buy very inexpensive cardboard boxes at dollar stores, art supply stores, and even in department stores. They often cost only a dollar each. If you’re shipping your cardboard box through the mail, though, make sure that you wrap each candle carefully in some form of bubble paper or fabric to ensure that it arrives without chips or cracks.

December 17, 2007

Christmas candle gifts

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During the Christmas rush season, there are many reasons why candle
gifts are the perfect way to celebrate:

1) Candle gifts are perfect general gifts. You know that it happens –
you carefully create a list and go shopping, but then someone drops by
with an unexpected gift and you suddenly feel foolish for not being
able to return the favor. Rather than kicking yourself for
“forgetting” get sneaky – buy a few extra luxury candles, wrap them,
and tuck them away. When someone drops a gift surprise on you, you can
smile and hand over a lovely gift they will love. They will be
impressed by your thoughtfulness and you can enjoy a little extra
peace of mind during the season. Any candles left over can help make
your home look even brighter in the new year.

2) Candle gifts are ideal for those people who are hard to shop for.
If you don’t want to give impersonal gift certificates but don’t know
what to get, try candles. Candles are perfect, since everyone can use
them in the home. Men and women, professionals and stay-at-homes all
appreciate the gift of candles. They are truly one of the more
practical, versatile presents out there. Rather than running around
all over town for gifts, you can always get candles and please
everyone on your list.

3) Candle gifts are the perfect gift to yourself. After hectic days of
cooking and shopping, you deserve a little break. Scented candles can
help ease away the tensions. Use scented candles lit around your home
as aromatherapy to soothe away stress and to unwind after a long day.
It’s the ultimate indulgence.

4) Candle gifts are the hostesses best friend. If you are having many
guests over to your home this holiday season, candles can be your best
friend. Not only are candles one of the easiest ways to decorate – a
few glowing candles and your home looks ready for the season – but
scented candles can really get rid of cooking odors and other
unpleasant odors in your home. If your guests are smoking, or if there
are just too many guests, scented candles can really freshen the air.

5) Candle gifts are the perfect way to commemorate the season.
Christmas is about hope and light coming into our lives at the darkest
time of the year. What better way to celebrate the coming of divine
light than with bright, warmly glowing candles? In fact, candles have
been part of the Christmas tradition for generations. In church,
advent candles are lit to remind us of the approach of Christmas. In
the past, candles were used to light up Christmas trees. A few candles
around your home can really help to remind you of the richness of

During this time of year, many candle manufacturers create special
holiday scents and collections. These candles – often scented with
rich, spicy fragrances are the perfect way to celebrate the season
yourself or with loved ones. If you haven’t already, pick up some
beautiful candles to light your way towards the new year.